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Ann Rule's Everything She Ever Wanted

2009 True Crime Thriller



With her younger husband, Tom, by her side, Pat Allanson is determined to become part of Atlanta's elite high society. When she convinces him to spend all of his money on a lavish Southern plantation, Tom is pushed to his financial limits. He is forced to ask his estranged mother for money and to confront his disapproving father. But, nothing is ever enough to satisfy Pat's overwhelming greed, and, soon, her insatiable thirst for power and status reaches a dangerous pitch. It seems that no one, not even her own sister, is safe when Pat Allanson doesn't get her way.

Starring: Gina Gershon, Rachel Blanchard, Victor Garber, Ryan McPartlin

Director: Peter Svatek

Writer:  Michael Vickerman (Screenplay) & Ann Rule (Novel)

Running Time: 240 min

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